Tuesday, November 10, 2009


St. John's Bread and Wine is all fine and good, but nothing compares to my one and only true love when it comes to nose-to-tail, locally sourced, delicious food: Marlow & Sons. I went with a friend a couple nights ago and it was phenomenal as always. It was also very dark as always, so bear with me (as a side note, I am excited to report I will soon be taking a little crash course in G10 photography and post production from a helpful friend, which should improve the images you see on AHFAH a bit, I hope).

I started with a glass of sparkling wine and some shared oysters. Then moved on to the carrot and frissee salad. It had gorgeous purple carrots, and while a little oversalted, was still satisfying.

No one does brick chicken like Marlow. It is a regular on the menu with varying sides, and the best chicken entree I have ever had anywhere. On this night it was served with a sausage stuffing style brioche. Mind numbingly good.

Dessert was a stock favorite as well: the chocolate and caramel tart with sea salt. Make your own with the recipe from Lottie + Doof (and admire their professional photography skills!). I had a glass of Amaro Nonino to finish it all up, then stumbled home.

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  1. hey...we should do check out Roman's...their new place in fort greene.