Thursday, November 19, 2009


I have ordered my 'Wild Turkey' wild turkey from the Meat Hook for Thanksgiving. I hadn't planned on doing a Thanksgiving meal this year, hoping for an invite to someone else's celebration to spare myself the cost and cleanup. Last year's Thanksgiving was so spectacular, in conjunction with friends Julia and Chris, that I figured it couldn't be topped. In the end, however, my love of the holiday won over my wariness. I have to cook on my favorite food based holiday! Friends have banded together and we are all planning to contribute dishes, and since I specialize in turkey preparation, offered to find and cook the bird.

The Meat Hook is offering a wild variety of the traditional Thanksgiving meat. Here is how they describe it:

Our wild Turkeys are raised and slaughtered on a small local farm in New York state, fed a diet of alfalfa, barley and hay grown on the farm with no antibiotics or growth hormones in a free range environment. Wild turkeys are leaner and have a higher bone-to-meat ration but have a much richer taste than any turkey, heritage breed or otherwise, you've ever tasted. Our Wild Turkeys come pre-stuffed with country sausage stuffing, injected with bourbon butter brine and ready to roast with detailed cooking directions.

I look forward to roasting this noble bird to the best of my abilities. It will be an honor.

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