Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Today I spent some time looking for interior design inspiration and wanted to share three of my new favorite blogs.  Together they are a gorgeous collection of interior, food and product photography and links.   Solid Frog is an inspiring blog featuring mostly interior stories including these culled from Swedish Elle Decoration.

Another great one, ::moodboard::, is actually based out of Sweden.  It features interiors as well as beautiful food photography and atmospheric fashion, product and art posts.

Desire to Inspire is another pretty well-known blog that showcases interiors from around the world.  This story of a townhouse in Melbourne reminds me of my time there last winter.  As the days get shorter here in New York, I am thinking of sunnier days down under.

images via Solid Frog, moodboard (from Elle Decoration) and Desire to Inspire


It has been a long, fun, hot summer... with few posts.  We had a couple more trips away, to Maine, upstate, Cape Cod, and were lucky enough to get to end the summer in the sunniest of places, Los Angeles.

It is official: I love LA.  I like the weather, the architecture, the landscape, the food, the proximity to family, even the driving.  While I hatch my plan to get back to California, from whence I came, enjoy the highlights of my week of in our future place of residence:

First of all, Joans on Third is reason enough to want to move.  Above, the cheese counter.  This is where I would eat lunch every day if I lived out there.

Second: the Santa Monica Farmer's Market.  It makes the Union Square market look like a supermarket in 1970's Stalingrad.

Third, and most important... proximity to my family.  I spent a couple days down in San Clemente as well.