Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It may still be under construction, but yesterday was it, nonetheless... opening day of the Brooklyn Kitchen Lab and the Meat Hook!  Take a look!

Sand bags and blue tape, some unfinished wiring (nothing that wouldn't pass inspection, though) and boxes and piles and whatnot... none of it means they can't start selling.

The meat case.  Only the beginnings, I am sure.

A charming old scale.

There will be so much more than just meat.  Here is the start of a library of classic cook books and periodicals.  They have old back issues of Gourmet I cannot wait to descend upon ravenously.

The beginnings of merchandising.  It felt like a little bit of a family and friends celebration/ hangout/ unpack, so I didn't stick around long.  I will be back this weekend to do some shopping.  And to order my Thanksgiving turkey.

Potential around every corner...

With some well placed shelves, decent lighting, and things in place, I can tell this is going to be a great local resource.  Congratulations to the team, and best of luck!

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