Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I have been really neglectful of my little roof garden since the end of summer.  I set out this past weekend to clean up collected leaves, sort out the compost and plant some bulbs for next spring.

There were a few surprises.  First of all, blooms on things that should have long passed their peak, including this Dahlia, and the Azalea below.

I planted some Narcissus bulbs.

The warm weather over the last month has also forced last year's bulbs to start sprouting.  I buried in the hopes that I will still get some blooms in the spring.  We will see.  There seems to be an almost Mediterranean micro-climate on our roof that keeps things warm well into December, even on a normal year.

The compost was FULL of earthworms.  More interesting, though, was the new ecosystem that formed in the collected dirt and leaves piled up in the corners and behind pots.  Imagine if you left the natural accumulation for more than a season... you would have trees growing out of the roof in no time.

Cosmos still blooming.

Autumn colors.

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