Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Can the new-arrival-on-the-scene cheese shop compete with Big Mama? It will be a challenge. Bedford Cheese at 229 Bedford Avenue is consistently rated one of the finest cheese shops in the city. Look below to understand why.

I could crawl inside and take a nap! The descriptions are witty and yet straightforward and unpretentious. I had to pick up some cheese, just enough for a snack.

Ok, I'll take some baguette, salami and thick sliced prosciutto as well. Let's just make it dinner.

What is a dinner of cheese and meats without wine? Not dinner. Local favorite Blue Angel Wines, at 638 Grand Street, had a tasting of and a special on Clos Roche Blanche Cuvee Pif 2008. Yes, thank you.

The cheeses were: Pau (left) a Spanish goat's milk; Vermont Shepherd (right) a sheep's milk (which I don't usually like, but this one is great); and Grayson (center) an Virginian cow's milk whose scent will slap you in the face, but that goes down real smooth. Yum!

The last stop on the weekend of errands was local bookstore, Spoonbill & Sugartown at 218 Bedford Avenue. The shop is best known for its art books and obscure local magazine, I just wanted to pick up some travel guides because the looming task for next weekend is to plan and book all of our hostels, cars, ferries and activities as well as do research on great eats and sights for our upcoming trip to Australia, New Zealand and Tahiti. I can't wait! Just for the planning! You know me.

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