Saturday, July 25, 2009


There are few things that make me as excited and happy as our annual trip to Cape Cod. One thing that does is the highly involved, detailed prep for this trip. I took over coordination a couple years ago, and each year am able to get what some might call the soothe factor down to even more of a science. I obsess and streamline and focus... and then once we arrive, I get to totally unwind and enjoy the trip even more than the year before. Pure obsessive happiness!

This year, with the more than a little help of several friends (including Piera) the wine and food element is being taken to new heights. Here is a rundown of the 6 night menu:

Night 1, Bahn Mi Grill:
Pork and shrimp Vietnamese sandwiches, green salad, ice cold Bia Saigon beer

Night 2, Peace in the Middle East Feast:
Lamb kebab, cous cous salad, grilled vegetables, Middle Eastern rice, Mediterranean salad

Night 3, Italian Family Style:
Homemade orecchiette pasta with fresh tomato sauce, green salad, followed by lemon squares

Night 4, A Taste of Mexico:
Fish tacos with Mexican crema and pickled onions, salad with avo
cado dressing, guacamole and chips, Tecate bloody marys

Night 5, Garden Bounty:
Warm shrimp salad, grilled steak and sausages, grilled vegetables and corn followed by blueberry and raspberry pie

Night 6, French Picnic:
French potato salad, spinach salad with peas and mint, chicken salad followed by peach cobbler

And the wine list for the week:
Albarino Martin Codax 2008, Spain
Arregi Txakoli 2008, Spain (a type of wine I have never tried but selected on a tip from the taste makers over at ARL)
Cotes du Rhone Rose Dom de la Bastide 2008, France
Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages 2007, France
Rose de Loire La Pree Vinette 2008, France
Gruner Veltliner Falkensteiner Rieden 2009, Austria
Chateau de Fesles Cabernet Franc 2006, France (we'll be enjoying it chilled!)
Vernaccia di San Gimignano 2008, Italy
Scu Do Prosecco Brut, Italy

Then there is breakfast and lunch! Lots of pictures and recipes to come upon return!

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  1. I love this post. The menus--wow. I got so jealous! How was the Txacoli? The packing is a work of art too of course. I can't wait for some follow up so we get a little peak at your vacay.