Thursday, October 1, 2009


He may not be from the south of France, but speaking of things French means I have to bring up designer Jean Michel Frank.  If you are familiar with interiors or furniture, you know his work.  If not, he is the original genius behind what nearly all of the last 10-15 years of mainstream high-end interior design owes it's inspiration.  Christian Liaigre, Armani Casa, Peter Marino, Calvin Klein Home, Jed Johnson, Jacques Grange... they all owe Mr. Frank a great, great deal.

This is an interior he did for Marie-Laure de Noailles, a notorious, eccentric client: parchment walls, straw marquetry inlay, bleached leather upholstery, perfect proportion, clean lines, super luxe materials.  How French.

He liked color too, despite what many think.  Here is the apartment he did for the Rockefellers here in New York.

That chair is lined with shagreen, which is made from stingray skin (bad) but was once made from shark skin (worse).  Jean Michel didn't know about design for sustainability.


If you are so inclined, read up (and pay up) here or here.

Images via 2thewalls, Christie's, AD Magazine


  1. if only we could all blog twice a day. It would soothe! I can't WAIT to hear your thoughts on wild new

  2. bonjour, although my godmother was friend to Cocteau et Bérard, I didn't have a chance to meet JM Frank, but I like what the poet said about him when visiting his lees-than-spare-n-unclutter apartment:"he is a nice young fellow, too bad he already moved out everything", but I was fortunate enough to live close to Eileen Gray in Paris Rive Gauche