Thursday, October 15, 2009


The Indian summer everyone predicted has not materialized. Instead, the year's first (of a few, I predict) Nor'easter is barreling toward the city. It is gray and rainy and cold. The good news is, the newest issue of WOI has arrived, and I can do some imaginary travel. Let's go to Tangier, shall we?

This 18th century Jewish merchant's dwelling, in the city's medina, was lovingly restored by a pair of Italian architects. Roberto Peregalli and Laura Sartori Rimini wanted their shared home to look like merchant's home it was, filled with Morrocan, Tunisian, Indian, Sicilian, Syrian and Spanish elements, but rediscovered by some 1860's romanticist traveler. It's the kind of design narrative I just love.

I mean, really.

Here is the library. The walls above the tiles were painted with multiple layers of different colored paint before being lime washed over to get this ancient, diaphanous effect.

That wallpaper is antique 19th century.

This is called the Indian bedroom. Fantastic Anglo-Indian bedframe with paisley bedspread.

Images via WOI

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