Tuesday, October 20, 2009


After the hardware store, I headed to Beacon's Closet at 88 North 11th Street to sell some old clothing.  Beacon's is a zoo.  Avoid it on the weekends if you can.  Right next door, however, is my favorite building in the neighborhood.  The landmarked No. 100 North 11th Street is the former Hecla Iron Works building, where much of the decorative iron work on the city's late 19th century construction (including the St. Regis hotel) was fabricated.

The interior is now apartments (of course) but this incredible quasi-neo-gothic arch work remains.  An apartment in the building was featured in Nest magazine (RIP).  If anyone knows which issues, please tell me!

I then stopped by Woodley & Bunny at 490 Driggs Avenue for some fancy guest hand soap for the bathroom.  They no longer carry my favorite kind, which has the world's most beautiful packaging, so I got a substitute.

I was almost late to a haircut at the no name haircut place at 150 Ainsley Street, above (forgive the picture, it was raining hard).  I got a quick, inexpensive trim, and learned from Tom, the guy who cuts my hair, that a space under renovation just around the corner from our apartment is going to be, get ready for it: A CHEESE SHOP.

Here it is.  Fine cheeses will be this close to my doorstep!  How soon will it open?  Will they have more than just cheese?  And the biggest question of all... will it hold a candle to the city's greatest cheese emporium, the Bedford Cheese Shop.  More about that tomorrow, stay tuned.

Images via Waterfront Alliance and Keyring.com


  1. a cheese shop and a butcher shop all within a block or 2! The good life!

  2. I can't believe this chickanugg! I can't believe!!!!