Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Back to New York for a hectic week of work and catch up.  Luckily I got to wash the stress away with another perfect trip to Maine.  It took nearly 9 hours to get there (I recommend NOT driving anywhere on Labor Day weekend) but it was worth it.  The weather was amazing, and we boated, hiked, antique shopped and ate lobster until we could eat no more.

Vintage Maine

Red's famous lobster rolls, in Wiscasset.  Very tasty, but they go the "plain Maine" route with their rolls: no seasoning, no herbs, little mayo.

Nothing plain about these fried clams.  Totally delectable.

We also stopped in Pemaquid for some hiking, followed by some down and dirty oysters harvested right there in the waters off the town.  Again, no frills: no minonette, no ice, no cracked pepper... just super fresh oysters and a lemon wedge.  Intense.  Sea.  Flavor.

A bowling alley in Cozy Harbor

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