Monday, July 13, 2009


There is something truly special about coastal New England in summer. Hot sun meets cool ocean air, sailboats, seafood, weather beaten farmhouses, vegetables in season... I love it! I remember the first time I came from California to the northeast (in the summer, of course-- winter remained an abstract concept until I was 18). My family visited Boston and New Hampshire and it all seemed totally cinematic-- almost too charming to be real. Now that I have been on the east coast for so long, it doesn't consistently hold the same powerful allure it did then... except perhaps in Maine. In Maine (and some other select areas of the New English coast) you can sometimes feel like you've stepped into the way life ought to be.

See? Charming!

Driftwood encampments

Chihuahua predator

And a final word on lobster rolls. We ate several of them, at a couple different places. We realized we are used to a fancier lobster roll than the more authentico rolls up in Maine. Here at Five Islands Lobster Co., it was literally just lobster plus a roll with (maybe?) a tiny touch of mayo and a bit of lettuce. It was delicious, but I am ashamed to say, I think the roll at Mary's Fish Camp is better (I know, I know... sorry!)

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  1. I love the rowboat picture. Beautiful. Know just what you mean about the lobster rolls. I was trained on lobster rolls from Pearl Oyster Bar downtown back in the day and nothing you get in New England is anything close to these NYC creations (which I agree, are much more interesting). Was recently on Martha's Vineyard and avoided the rolls--but then again I've stopped eating lobster almost completely after a VERY bad experience...