Thursday, September 10, 2009


We stayed at friends' house in Maine. It is a lovely home designed by German architect Klaus Mueller, and with much contribution from friends of the owners (architects, builders) including myself. My input is realized in the bathrooms. The owners wanted a house that felt New England without being traditional, so in the bathrooms we used earthier colors and textures but installed them with clean lines and modern hardware.

We picked out the materials together, and I am really pleased with the results. As always, there are things I wish the contractor had done differently, and things I wish I had done differently (those pretty sinks splash water everywhere and I will never specify them again!) but for the most part, I think they came out great.

Soaking in the Master Bath tub while looking out at the trees is special.

Here is the little Guest Bath on the 1st level. Under cabinet lighting like this is very flattering to the person looking in the mirror.

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