Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Here we have a straightforward white loft in Manhattan.  This apartment was designed by my former employer, MR Architecture + Decor, though not when I worked for them.  I love this interior because it is filled with discrete details that almost go unnoticed: plate-less outlets, simple nickel hinges, glazed white floor tiles.  Components like these, which alone don't amount to much, add up to a highly sophisticated design filled with well curated art and furniture.

The space is used as both a home and an office, and the silvery curtain is used to separate these areas when necessary.

I am really loving clean tile floors at the moment, in general.  They are practical, unexpected and can be really elegant.

The crown detail is actually an art piece by Tom Otterness

The little cubby for the toilet tissue holder is a classic MR detail.

Images via WOI

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