Thursday, December 3, 2009


Though I have been to Miami several times, I have never been for Art Basel. So many people dislike Miami, and many of my friends avoid it (except during Art Basel, for work, of course). Well I think Miami is great. It's fun, and pretty, and, well, it's dark and cold here tonight, and I am chained to my computer working late. A mojito by the pool at the Raleigh sounds good to me.
Love that lobby. What a great hotel.

Design Miami is a subcategory of Art Basel that especially interests me. If it weren't for the epic trip coming at the end of the month, I would have loved to go down, see some art, catch some sun, and enjoy the hot humid air with friends.

ARL posted yesterday about Artlog, which is a great site devoted to covering all the goings on at the fair. Also, here is a snippy little snippet from bidoun magazine when they visited a while back.
art by Kerne Erickson

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  1. so does this mean you're up for a Florida weekend in February? ; )