Monday, December 28, 2009


Yesterday we headed out to the Yarra Valley, about an hour northeast of Melbourne, with my expat friends.  After a really beautiful drive, we stopped for lunch at the TarraWarra Estate winery. 

We drank some 2007 Pinot Noir Rose with our lunch, walked around the grounds, then headed to the Healsville Animal Sanctuary, which specializes in conserving native Australian animal species, some of which are critically endangered.  It was a holiday, and we were told the crowds of excited children broke a record.  I didn't care, however: I got to see Koalas and Kangaroos up close in their native habitat.  We also saw Bilbys, Walabies, Flying Foxes, Platypus, Kookaburras, Emus and all sorts of funny little marsupials.  It was great.

Roos are apparently the deer of Australia.  It was hot, and this Eastern Gray Kangaroo was relaxing in the shade.

This Koala was pretty relaxed as well.

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  1. so soothing! koalas were my favorite animal when I was little. To be with you! I would do anything!