Monday, December 7, 2009


This weekend we hosted a birthday dinner for a friend.  It was a group effort; other friends cooked (more on that tomorrow) and we crammed 12 people in our tiny kitchen.  I made three little simple arrangements for the table.

Peonies, ranunculus, and black berries.  Not grown locally, as obviously it is not peony season, and thus not very earth-friendly, but it was a special occasion.

I am actually not a big lover of complex flower arrangements (maybe because I am not so skilled at making them).  My preferred look is just a simple bunch of one type of flower thrown in a vase.  This time, however, I felt like the combination of these two blooms and one fruit was just perfect.  I arranged them in the some pottery handmade by a friend's mother.  The reds against the dark blue and turquoise of the pottery makes me happy. 

I got some dark navy napkins as well.

Maybe it's time to invest in some more bowls, plates and cutlery.  Another generous friend had to bring some of hers so we would have enough place settings.  I like an eclectically set table, so I am going to start looking for some interesting dinnerware to coordinate (but not match) what we already have.

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