Monday, August 10, 2009


If you are like me, you enjoy trolling real estate listings on your lunchbreak, dreaming of how you would renovate and redecorate your very own home. Well, I just found out my dream house is on the market! All I need now is $12 million dollars.

I have been pining after Ms. Julianne Moore's drop-dead amazing townhouse for years. In fact, her fantastic pallate inspired some of the color scheme of our apartment (along with a light fixture or two) when I saw the house featured in (what else) World of Interiors a while back.

She painstakingly renovated this 1839 gem. The layout is brilliant. That kitchen! That bathroom! I am in love. Maybe I'll walk by after work, just to get a look at the outside...

More to look at, read about, dream about: here, here and here. And the floor plan perfection here and here. Sigh.
Images from WOI via Remodelista


  1. very nice. I see where you got your inspiration. Some friends and I spent a weekend here last year While the interior isn't the draw, the grounds are amazing. We figure if we pool our resources we can buy a bucket of water from the pool.

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  3. What a beautiful apartment!
    Do these photos include any of your work? If so, what were your influences and inspirations for her apartment? I have been pining after Ms. Julianne Moore's drop-dead amazing look for years. Now knowing what incredible drop-dead amazing taste she has will add to my enjoyment while watching her brilliant acting.