Monday, August 31, 2009


I spent the last week visiting my family out in California. My hometown, San Clemente, is situated on the coast almost exactly halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego. It is a pretty little town that feels tucked away from the sprawl of the rest of Orange County. There is, of course, an influx of tract homes and chain stores just like anywhere else, but the beaches are still some of the cleanest and least crowded in Southern California and the vast majority of the architecture is a great mix of 1920's Spanish Colonial Revival and 1960's tacky-but-charming modernist funk.

They say San Clemente has the world's best climate, and the weather during my trip supported that claim. While Los Angeles baked in 90+ degree smog, the ocean breeze and early morning fog meant sunny afternoons and a pleasant 80 degrees down on the beach. As an adopted New Yorker, I would never consider moving back to Orange County... but for a few amazing days, watching the surfers at Trestles, eating perfectly ripe locally grown fruit (see below) and some spectacular Mexican food (more on that later) and getting the chance to spend some time with my family... it was just perfect.

Cantaloupe perfection and cool ocean breeze. More please.

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