Thursday, July 2, 2009


While we are able to grow some vegtables on our little roof garden, the majority of the space is taken up with flowers. This is because my man likes pretty flowers, and I like to keep my man happy... domestic god that I am.

Anyway, I was able to grow carrots and peas this year, and I hope to really get Michelle Obama about the whole thing next year and do a real vegetable garden. Our friend Gigi takes classes on urban rooftop gardening and composting (more about that later) so I will be getting tips from her.

Then there is this. Another hopeful and interesting developement that, while
not great because it is still suburban sprawl and a bit of a marketing ploy, is better than buying food from Associated trucked 1000 miles and genetically engineered not to spoil on the way, or even from Whole Foods. I am amazed how much of their produce is flown in from Peru or Mexico or New Zealand (!).

Here are some more shots from the garden.

Flowers, for those who like them.



  1. It looks so nice! Maybe the bad weather has been a gardening blessing?

  2. Your garden looks delicious!! Great job Chad. Say Hi to Ed.