Monday, April 26, 2010


I have been consumed lately trying to find a subletter for my former apartment in Williamsburg, where I still hold the lease. I spent the entire weekend painting, fixing up, and cleaning up behind the last person who subletted from me. There is a soft spot in my heart for this apartment, which was the first and only residence in New York where I lived totally on my own. I spent quite a bit of money to fix it up and make it cute, only to move out after just a year. I love where I live now for a lot of reasons, but my little bachelor pad was great, in its own tiny, 6th-floor-walk-up kind of way.


Ah yes, Edison bulbs and chalk board paint. Welcome to 2005.

The table was a flea market find.

The bathroom had slightly lavender tinted white tiles, and I found the perfect color match with a Ralph Lauren paint called Aspen Peak. A glamorous color name for such a teeny tenement bathroom. I then added the gloss black trim in all the corners, like a gift box.

Snake plants under the sink. You saw it here first. Actually I think I may have seen it in Dwell before I did it.

My grandmother's art hung in the bedroom.

Shield yours eyes... that is a Philippe Stark chair! Part of my senior thesis project hangs on the wall above the bed.


  1. this is so wild. I never knew you still had this place! I want!

  2. Great-looking place. Are you still looking for a subletter?

  3. I don't feel worthy...but this place is amazing, and I'd love to sublet it off your hands.

    Just graduated from Hofstra...looking for a nice Brooklyn spot.

    Email me, and I'll send you my resume? lol