Friday, March 5, 2010


In honor of wild Friday nights... on a more typical not-so-wild Friday night, I am celebrating with a classic 70's and 80's musical genius, Giorgio Moroder.  Giorgio produced some of the biggest hits of the day, including I Feel Love by Donna Summer and the theme song, Chase, from Midnight Express.  He also created the score to Top Gun.  Who can forget Berlin's Take My Breath Away?  In many ways he pioneered electronic music, and I love seeing and hearing his synthesized sound feel so fresh.

The video for 1977's From Here to Eternity in amazing in itself.  I know it is a bit repetitive, but how can you not love a video with a twirling disco maven who dances under her own tossed glitter?  Party time!

If you commit you'll also get to enjoy snippets of Moroder making his own slow strobe affect, a young Willi Ninja (I think) and a crazy half nude Amazon woman twisting around into a zoom effect.  To have lived in 1977...

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  1. The soundtrack to Cat People is a personal favorite of mine. Thanks for this video.